Annual Veterans Appreciation Day

The Annual Veterans Appreciation Day ceremonies and displays at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre will take place this year on Thursday, November 8th.

All Zone G-5 Veterans are invited to attend and receive the appreciation of the public, in general and hundreds of school children, in particular.

Displays and exhibits are open from 9 a.m. To 2:00 p.m. The parade will form up in the corridor next to the center concourse at 10:30 and march in at 10:45 for the 11:00 o’clock ceremonies.

Organization of the parade is being carried out by Strathcona Branch 595 and any inquiries should be directed to them at or at 613-236-1575.

Ontario District G, Zone 5 is comprised of ten Legion Branches in the National Capital Region (Ottawa Area) of Eastern Ontario. All Branches, except for Rockland Branch, lie within the new boundaries of the City of Ottawa.

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