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Jackie Fuchs

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Montgomery 351 Stittsville 618
Eastview 462 Richmond 625
Westboro 480 Orleans 632
Rockland 554 Barrhaven 641
Bells Corners 593  

Sports Manual, Schedules, Sign-up Sheets & Registration Forms

Provincial Sports Manual

Zone Registration Forms
Zone Regular Registration Form | Zone Senior Registration Form

Print the form and then fill them out by hand.

Ensure Registration Forms and cheques are in the hands of the Zone Sports Chairman by the Deadline Date to avoid disqualification.

Zone Cribbage Winners - Zone 8-ball Winners

Zone Sports Events Registration Information

1. The Dominion Sports Championships are open to ALL members as defined in the General By-laws of the Royal Canadian Legion.

2. Eligible members must have paid their membership dues and have their membership card for the year in which the championship is being held in their possession at site of the championship.

3. To be able to participate in a Dominion Seniors Sports Championship, the member must be 55 years of age prior to 1st.January of the year in which the championship is being held.

4. Members of a team shall belong to the same branch within their parent command. An exception to this criterion is as follows:

a. Any Branch with less than 100 members in any one Zone may join with another branch within the same zone.

5. A member, who has transferred or in the process of transferring, to be eligible, must have been a member of their new branch as of 31st. January of the year preceding the year of the championship. In other words, in order for the members to participate at a Dominion Championship to be held April 2006, they must have been a member of their new branch as of 31st. January 2005 (This is an Example as the years change)

6. It has been recognized that a rigid application of the above criteria can be unfair. Exceptions have been authorized to permit members in the following circumstances to participate.

a. An eligible member, in good standing, who is a member of a branch that was required to surrender its Charter to Dominion Command and the member has transferred to another branch, shall enjoy the same rights and privileges he would have enjoyed had the Charter not been surrendered and the Branch dissolved.

b. New members (defined as Ordinary, Associate and Affiliate) in good standing are eligible
to participate at all levels of competition immediately, this includes Reinstated members provided they are in good standing.

c. A member, who retires or who has been transferred by his employer, or the member's personal circumstances dictate a change of employment, is eligible to participate at Dominion sports events providing the member can, on demand, provide proof that the transfer was initiated by the employer, the person was a member of a branch at his former place of residence on or before 31st. January of the year preceding the year in which the competition is to take place, and the member changes his permanent place of residence.

d. Further to 6 (c) above, the member has one year of grace, from the effective date of retirement, change of employment and/or permanent residence, to transfer his/her membership to his/her new branch and be eligible to play sports immediately.

e. Amalgamated Branches – As per Section 616 i. of the General By-Laws, all the members of the branches shall become members of the amalgamated branch as of the date of amalgamation. Therefore, the transfer rules will apply to any member who chooses to transfer to a different branch rather than maintaining their membership at the amalgamated branch.

Deadline Dates: The deadline date shown on each Zone Sports Event poster is the date the ZONE SPORTS CHAIR must have all the paper work, NOT the date the Branch Sports Chairman must have it.

Branch Sports Chairs must complete the registration forms and have them, and a cheque, IN THE HANDS OF the Zone Sports Chair ON or BEFORE the deadline date. Past that date, neither individuals nor teams will be eligible to participate.






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