Legion Tribute Officer

This committee shall have a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and at least one additional permanent member

The Chairman shall appoint the Deputy Chairman and the permanent members.

The committee may include Sgts. at Arms or Chairmen responsible for conducting Legion Tributes for Zone G5 Branches

  • The Chairman will assist and provide training to Branch Tribute Officers regarding Legion Tributes

  • An annual meeting shall be held with all Branch people responsible for conducting Legion Tributes

  • The Chairman shall establish by personal contact with the Branch Chairman his willingness to assist the Branch in their efforts, following up on all requests

The Chairman is expected to make a verbal report at all Zone Council meetings, and is to prepare a written report to all Zone Conventions, having it ready at least two weeks before the Zone Convention, for inclusion, by the Zone Secretary, in the Zone Convention Book. Addendums may be made at the Zone Convention.

Please refer to the individual Branch page for the names of Chairs


Montgomery 351 Strathcona 595
Eastview 462 Stittsville 618
Westboro 480 Richmond 625
Rockland 554 Orleans 632
Bells Corners 593 Barrhaven 641


The Legion Tribute Officer will receive and action all requests from the Pearly Rideau Veterans Health Center (PRVHC) staff and families of PRVHC Veterans and other veteran’s families in Zone G5 who want a Legion Tribute

The PRVHC are to be kept advised of the Officer’s and Zone Secretary’s phone numbers
Each Branch has been scheduled to conduct activities at the PRVHC during the months January to June of each year. The assigned Branch for any given month shall upon notification by the Legion Tribute Officer conduct Legion Tributes for deceased PRVHC residents and other requests that may occur.

The Tribute Officer shall be responsible to assemble a Tribute Party for the months of July and August.

The Zone Chaplain has offered to assist when needed.

Those responsible for conducting the Legion Tribute regardless of its location shall ensure that all personnel are assemble in a timely fashion to ensure that there is no conflict with the regular Funeral proceedings. If the remains are laid out in a funeral parlour it is preferable to conduct the Legion Tribute the evening before during the viewing period.

The Officer will ensure that the Tribute readings comply with the procedures contained in the Ritual and Insignia Manual and must be non-sectarian.

The Officer will advise the Zone Secretary of the name of the veteran who has died, the date and time and the place of the Tribute. The Secretary will advise the members of the Zone Council and all the Branches of the Zone so that any who wish may attend the tribute.

The PRVHC staff will advise the Zone Legion Tribute Officer or the Zone Secretary of the request giving all the details such as name, date of death, date and time of the Tribute, location of the Tribute.

The Legion Tribute Officer shall determine if the deceased veteran has any Zone G 5 Legion affiliation and if so what Branch.

If the veteran was a member of a local Legion Branch, the Legion Tribute Officer will pass the request to the appropriate Branch, which is to endeavour to action the request.

If the requested Branch can not action the request they shall advise the Legion Tribute Officer in a timely fashion in writing outlining the reasons.

If the veteran was not a Legion member the Legion Tribute Officer will action the request-utilizing volunteers from the Branch whose month is scheduled for PRVHC activities. The Legion Tribute Officer shall act as the Sgt at Arms for these occasions.

If a veteran dies elsewhere in the local area and the family requests a Branch conduct a Legion Tribute, that Branch shall endeavour to action the request.

If the Branch cannot perform the Tribute they shall advise the Legion Tribute Officer in writing and in a timely fashion of their inability to do so. The Legion Tribute Officer shall then action the request utilizing volunteers.

If a veteran dies outside the Zone and the family is having him interred in Ottawa at a local cemetery such as the Beachwood National Military Cemetery the request shall be forwarded to the Legion Tribute Officer who will arrange to perform the Tribute using his pool of volunteers.

If a Branch is contacted to conduct a Legion Tribute and it is known immediately that they cannot perform it, that Branch shall gather all the pertinent information and relay it promptly to the Legion Tribute Officer. At no time shall the Branch advise the family they cannot perform the Tribute but they shall be informed that one will be provided.



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